2.1 Gardens, beaches and green open spaces

Ngā wāhi wātea me ngā mahi papa atawhai

We manage the city’s natural environment and gardens in ways that balance conservation and enhancement with opportunities for enjoyment and recreation.

What we do

From the green hills and the unique Town Belt to the wild south coast and the city’s botanic garden, Wellington is surrounded by nature. Our activities seek to preserve the city’s unique environment and protect and restore its biodiversity. A high-quality natural environment enhances the city’s unique ‘sense of place’ and provides attractive, safe and accessible places for leisure and recreation. Our aim is to enhance enjoyment of these areas.

We ensure that the city’s beaches and coastline remain healthy, through a programme involving dune protection, planting, erosion control and maintenance of boating facilities.

We look after the city’s parks and gardens, including the Wellington Botanic Garden, Otari Wilton’s Bush, Bolton Street Memorial Park, Truby King Park, and many other reserve areas.

We grow approximately 80,000 native plants each year in our Berhampore Nursery, for use in parks, gardens and open spaces and we manage over 30 hectares of lawns on over 700 sites throughout the city.

Key projectsTop

 renewal of the Piwakawaka Track in Odell Reserve
 renewal of parts of the Southern Walkway
 improving the summit track to Mt Victoria
 Te Raekaihau and Makara peak  

The Charles Plimmer Bequest – Charles Plimmer bequeathed income from his residual estate to the Council for the benefit of the citizens of Wellington. This is used primarily to beautify areas of the city.

In addition to the Alex Moore Park beautification project, work will continue on with our planning and further fundraising for the development of the Children’s Garden at the Wellington Botanic Garden in 2013/14/15. Detailed design of the garden and fundraising is the objective of our work in the 2013/14 year.

Measuring our performanceTop

Our targets for 2013/14 are:

What it will costTop

2.1 Gardens, Beaches and Green Open Spaces Operating expenditure 2013–14 Capital expenditure
Income Expenditure Net expenditure Total
($000) ($000) ($000) ($000)
2.1.1 - Local parks and open spaces (454) 8,113 7,659 1,657
2.1.2 - Botanic garden (408) 4,790 4,382 566
2.1.3 - Beaches and coast operations (51) 1,029 978 159
2.1.4 - Roads open spaces (633) 8,602 7,969 -
2.1.5 - Town belts (209) 4,420 4,211 113
2.1.6 - Community environmental initiatives - 436 436 -
2.1.7 - Walkways - 523 523 158
2.1.8 - Biodiversity (pest management) - 1,097 1,097 -
2013/14 2.1 Total (1,755) 29,010 27,255 2,653
2012/13 2.1 Total (1,733) 29,013 27,280 2,650