1.1 Governance, information and engagement

Pārongo, kōrerorero whānui me ngā mahi whakataunga

We want to involve people and maintain their confidence in our decision-making.

What we do

Our decisions shape the city of today and the future. These decisions need to reflect the services that matter to the community and how much they are willing to pay for them, so we do a range of things to ensure people are well informed and can contribute meaningfully to Council decision-making processes. The Local Government Act 2002 sets out the decision-making, planning and accountability procedures expected of local authorities.

Other legislation requires us to keep a record of our work and provide access to the information we hold. City archives preserves and makes available a huge range of primary information about the city’s history.

Key projectsTop

Measuring our performanceTop

Our targets for 2013/14 are:

What it will costTop

1.1 Governance, information and engagement Operating expenditure 2013–14 Capital expenditure
Income Expenditure Net expenditure Total
($000) ($000) ($000) ($000)
1.1.1 - City governance and engagement (312) 9,912 9,600 110
1.1.2 - Civic information (241) 5,813 5,572 -
1.1.3 - City Archives (180) 1,364 1,184 -
2013/14 1.1 Total (733) 17,089 16,356 110
2012/13 1.1 Total (397) 15,210 14,813 -